Rare photos of the Fashion Legends.

Each photo has a story to tell. This was just a nice quote from Pinterest for me but recently I had a chance to think about it.

You ,guys have probably seen Karl Lagerfeld’s black and white photos on your Social Media feed recently.The King was celebrating his 85th birthday on September,10. It inspired me to share some of my favourite photos of Fashion icons, legen…wait for it…dary designers . A few of them are really rare .

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”  says  Karl Lagerfeld . 

Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour by Roxanne Lowit

Karl Lagerfeld and Pat Cleveland at a Chloe Show, 1970s

Karl Lagerfeld by Helmut Newton

I always think that we are pretty lucky that share the same time period with these icons. My heart breaks when I think about the legendary designers who passed away in recent years.

Gianni Versace, John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld

Gianni Versace with his niece ( Donatella’s daughter )

Gianni and Donatella Versace

Yves St Laurent during his first trip to Morocco in 1966.

Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld

I am so into photos from private life of the fashion icons .These pictures are full of real laughers, sweet  faces and warm feelings.

When I’m dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen

Karl Lagerfeld and Manolo Blahnik

And of course, how can I go without my Coco,my eternal muse ? It was so hard to choose Coco Chanel’s rare photos but this time I will post the ones that I have added to my archive recently.

Circa 1938 – Coco Chanel & Christian Berard

Coco Chanel 1937 by John Phillips

Photo credits : Harper’s Bazaar archive, Glamour Magazine archive , Vintageblog, Google image archive.

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