Highlights from Istanbul Visit (Asia)

Napoleon once said, “If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!”

Umm. Sorry, Napoleon, I cannot agree with you.  This may sound strange but I am not a big fan of Istanbul and never was. Sometimes you visit places that you are not fond of just because it is your job. Therefore, I promised myself not to be a grumpy cat and enjoy these 4 days in Istanbul.

Most of my time, I had to be in the office and factory (background music Rihanna’s “work, work, work” ), still had two days for walking around.



Think, I was pretty lucky with my accommodation because Radisson Blu Asia is really one of the bests in the Asian part of the Istanbul. Excellent service,beautiful rooms and perfect breakfast!

Walking and food : Baghdad street may be the longest avenue I have been to, and it is full of nice stores, cafe, and restaurants (Literally LOTS OF cosmetic shops) Never bored.

Yummiest food ,awesome atmosphere “Cadde”cafe at Baghdat avenue.

Nightout : I am not a clubber so went to Watergarden Istanbul which is a huge waterpark with dozens of cafe & pubs inside. Evening are super cozy and water show is awesome. Golden youth prefer Watergarden in the evenings.

Lunch : Looking for Italian food instead of local food ? La Chitarra Ristorante will definately please you! 

Shopping : Palladium Mall, Optimum  Mall. There are plenty of Outlet Malls in the Asian part ,but they are situated pretty far from Radisson Blu Asia! ( Taxi is expensive!)

Ralph Lauren Store

Gigant H&M store at Suadiyye, Baghdad avenue

P.S. The best thing about Istanbul is coffee. Real Turkish coffee. Even GloriaJeans offers Turkish coffee there!

Conclusion : Did I enjoy it ? 50% . Would I like to go back ? No. Will I visit Istanbul again ? Probably ,yes.

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